Christianity in the Chrestoverse

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On Jul 22, 2005, at 8:04 AM, Belben, Philip ((Energy Wholesale)) wrote:

> Hallie:

>> And there is Rosa's and Marco's healing of the blind girl, to add to
>> the magical/miraculous list!
> in which her first interpretation of seeing people was that they looked
> like trees.  Jesus had exactly this with one of his healing miracles,
> iirc, and performed another to sort out the poor man's perceptions.  I
> get the impression that R&M couldn't do the second bit - I hope the 
> girl
> doesn't end up like the man in the CS Lewis short story!

Oliver Sachs did a very interesting piece about having sight restored.
Our vision is the result of an unbelievable amount of experience and
training, and even interruptions of a few years result in major 

The chances of anybody actually being able to come up with "men like
trees, walking" are exceedingly remote.


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