Christianity in the Chrestoverse

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Fri Jul 22 11:10:31 EDT 2005


>Technologically, definitely not Renaissance.  Mario Andretti drives a
>car, right at the beginning, we are told that if we are using a really
>effective spell, whether to grow tomatoes or improve reception on our
>radio (radio?  Didn't even see those in CL!), it's likely to have come
>from Caprona.

Yup, we found the car - along with the letters being written to both 
Rolls-Royce (founded 1904) and Ferrari (more complicated than I 
really had time to investigate, but it seems as if Ferrari as an 
automobile manufacturer didn't really come into being until after 

>>  I'm also interested in Judith's original point about the Catholicism
>>  in Magicians. Is there something that makes it seem specifically
>>  Catholic other than the Italian setting?  Angels and archbishops and
>Well, the obvious bit is the slander of one spell-house against the
>other (can't remember which offhand) that they never went to mass or

Ah, that'd do it!  So Reformation-esque event did happen, presumably.

>in which her first interpretation of seeing people was that they looked
>like trees.  Jesus had exactly this with one of his healing miracles,
>iirc, and performed another to sort out the poor man's perceptions.  I
>get the impression that R&M couldn't do the second bit - I hope the girl
>doesn't end up like the man in the CS Lewis short story!

They were all jumping around hugging each other, so I don't think 
there's too much need to worry about her!


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