Christianity in the Chrestoverse

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> I skimmed a bit over breakfast this morning, and the pen and piano in
> the Duke's study both seem to argue against Renaissance
> technologically, for all the Shakespearean notes.  And most of the
> clothes described are very much not-Renaissance, aren't they?  It's
> definitely another wrinkle to the whole question of how history is
> different and/or similar in this world, assuming it is the same world.

Technologically, definitely not Renaissance.  Mario Andretti drives a
car, right at the beginning, we are told that if we are using a really
effective spell, whether to grow tomatoes or improve reception on our
radio (radio?  Didn't even see those in CL!), it's likely to have come
from Caprona.

> I'm also interested in Judith's original point about the Catholicism
> in Magicians. Is there something that makes it seem specifically
> Catholic other than the Italian setting?  Angels and archbishops and

Well, the obvious bit is the slander of one spell-house against the
other (can't remember which offhand) that they never went to mass or

> And there is Rosa's and Marco's healing of the blind girl, to add to
> the magical/miraculous list!

in which her first interpretation of seeing people was that they looked
like trees.  Jesus had exactly this with one of his healing miracles,
iirc, and performed another to sort out the poor man's perceptions.  I
get the impression that R&M couldn't do the second bit - I hope the girl
doesn't end up like the man in the CS Lewis short story!

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