Christianity in the Chrestoverse

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> I skimmed a bit over breakfast this morning, and the pen and piano in 
> the Duke's study both seem to argue against Renaissance 
> technologically, for all the Shakespearean notes. And most of the 
> clothes described are very much not-Renaissance, aren't they? It's 
> definitely another wrinkle to the whole question of how history is 
> different and/or similar in this world, assuming it is the same world.

I think there's a motor car too, somewhere. (I too am a bit hazy on the date of Italian unification - something to do with a biscuit, IIRC - but think it was sometime in the 19th century.) I share Judith's assumption that the world is Catholic, though, on the grounds that so many other things are Italianate that this seems a reasonable 'default' reading. On the other hand, in magical terms they seem to defer to the Brits (after all, Chrestomanci declares himself in that book to be 'first and foremost and employee of the British government') so who knows, maybe the same applies in religion?



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