Christianity in the Chrestoverse

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Fri Jul 22 06:56:00 EDT 2005

Judith in reply to Dorian:

>  > Why do you characterise Caprona as Renaissance?  Other than Italy still
>>  being little city-states (and I can't remember when or how or why it got
>>  unified in our world), I can't think of anything to warrant that
>>  description.  Could you explicate, please?
>I don't have my copy of Magicians here at work, so I can't check up on
>details, but I've certainly always thought of it as such. All those
>Shakespearian overtones: Romeo and Juliet, even the title echoes Two
>Gentlemen of Verona... And yes, the city states is part of it. I'm also no
>doubt influenced by the cover of the edition I own, which has Angelica and
>Tonino in clothing that evokes that period.

I skimmed a bit over breakfast this morning, and the pen and piano in 
the Duke's study both seem to argue against Renaissance 
technologically, for all the Shakespearean notes.  And most of the 
clothes described are very much not-Renaissance, aren't they?  It's 
definitely another wrinkle to the whole question of how history is 
different and/or similar in this world, assuming it is the same world.

I'm also interested in Judith's original point about the Catholicism 
in Magicians. Is there something that makes it seem specifically 
Catholic other than the Italian setting?  Angels and archbishops and 
cathedrals wouldn't necessarily be Catholic, but there might be 
details which were - it's a while since I've read it properly.

And there is Rosa's and Marco's healing of the blind girl, to add to 
the magical/miraculous list!


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