Christianity in the Chrestoverse

Dorian E. Gray israfel at
Thu Jul 21 13:46:39 EDT 2005

Judith said...

>> And raising
>> people from the dead is surely not something that magicians do on a 
>> regular
>> basis?
> Isn't that necromancy, which is surely out of the purview of the average
> magician? (much less Chrestomanci > be expected to quash.)

It probably is.  Though of course the raising of Lazarus doesn't have the 
negative side-effects like lack of soul, body continuing to rot, and such. 
Therefore, Lazarus was a miracle, not magic. :-)
> What about the role of Catholicism in Magicians of Caprona? No 
> Catholicism,
> no Angel on the Cathedral, no story, surely? Someone confirm for me--are 
> the
> Italian states of Magicians part of 12A?

Yes, I think so.  Because Chrestomanci complains about mundane travel from 
England to Caprona, and later, in one of the short stories, Tonino goes to 
stay at Chrestomanci Castle for a while - there's never any indication that 
worlds have been crossed.

> Because if so the relationships to
> "our" history in Chrestomanci's England and Caprona's Italy are very
> different--England being vaguely Edwardian, as we talked about before (did
> we agree on that? Anyway, that's what I've always thought) and Caprona 
> being
> Renaissance--so what does that say about the theories about the rise of
> Protestantism being an explanation for Chrestomanci's world?

Why do you characterise Caprona as Renaissance?  Other than Italy still 
being little city-states (and I can't remember when or how or why it got 
unified in our world), I can't think of anything to warrant that 
description.  Could you explicate, please?


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