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> Getting back to Charlie's original point...turning water into wine is
> probably well within the realms of "ordinary" magic, but I wonder about the
> loaves and the fishes.  It would surely take impractical amounts of magic to
> make five loaves and two small fishes feed several hundred people, so that
> would still seem miraculous to the people of XII A, I think.  And raising
> people from the dead is surely not something that magicians do on a regular
> basis?

Isn't that necromancy, which is surely out of the purview of the average
magician? (much less Chrestomanci‹surely this is the kind of divination he'd
be expected to quash.)

What about the role of Catholicism in Magicians of Caprona? No Catholicism,
no Angel on the Cathedral, no story, surely? Someone confirm for me--are the
Italian states of Magicians part of 12A? Because if so the relationships to
"our" history in Chrestomanci's England and Caprona's Italy are very
different--England being vaguely Edwardian, as we talked about before (did
we agree on that? Anyway, that's what I've always thought) and Caprona being
Renaissance--so what does that say about the theories about the rise of
Protestantism being an explanation for Chrestomanci's world?

It's such a good question, Charlie, although I must say none of it detracts
from my pleasure in the books--I can't say I ever felt the references to
religion ever made me feel there was a flaw in the world-building. (Also,
there's quite a lot of Christian imagery in Charmed Life--I talked with
Diana  about it in my ancient interview, and had her shrieking, "Oh my god
I've turned into C Lewis!)

Veering off this particular topic a bit... In the School Magazine where I
work (it's is a literary magazine for children), we publish in each magazine
a review of a book we wish to recommend to our young readers, accompanied by
an illustrated extract from the book. We reviewed "Charmed Life" a few years
ago, when it was republished. I wish you could all see the illustrations the
wonderful Stephen Axelsen did for the stained glass window scene! I ought to
try and scan them and upload them to my website, I am sure everyone here
would enjoy them. 


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