Christianity in the Chrestoverse

Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at
Wed Jul 20 17:54:15 EDT 2005


>  > It certainly does.  And that's just one of the holes which makes me
>>  more than a bit dubious about why Christopher and Millie are going to
>>  church anyway.  Unless it's no more than an excuse for the fun
>>  stained glass window scene.
>Well, I would say they are going to church because that is What One Does
>and besides Religion can be A Comfort to the Afflicted.

Yes, that's certainly a strong possibility, given what seems to me 
the implausibility of Christianity in the book's set-up*.  But I have 
a real problem thinking of Christopher and Millie as essentially 
hypocrites.  And I don't see any particular reason why attending what 
appears to be essentially Anglican church service should be The Thing 
One Does, in this world.  It seems almost on the level of Stew being 
served in Inns - as it was the done thing in a certain class in 
Victorian England, it'll be similarly the done thing here.

FWIW, I'm not arguing that it's not possible to fit together a 
Christian belief (or any other monotheist one) and a world with magic 
in books, even aside from Christian allegory ones like Narnia.  I do 
find it hard to see how the two mesh together as presented in these 
books, though.


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