Christianity in the Chrestoverse

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On Wed, 20 Jul 2005, Dorian E. Gray wrote:

> can't check.  Remind me - are the Archbishops specifically said to be
> Christian archbishops?  Because there's no reason I can think of that some
> other religion wouldn't be using the term.
No, they're not specifically.  However, they are set out to be priests of
a uniquely special and new religion - they are always mentioned
specifically, whereas the other priests are lumped together as being of
"other religions" in contrast, and other religions focusing around "older
powers" in particular.  It's not necessarily Christianity, but the way
it's described certainly makes the reader think of Christianity.  However,
not specifically describing the religion in question is a reasonably good
cop-out ;-).

> We have no evidence from which to assume that other gods don't exist in XII
> B (or indeed, any of Series XII) - at least, not that I can think of.
> Assorted non-Christian deities may well be in existence.  I could see the
> Hindu pantheon, for instance, existing at least as much as the
> Jewish/Christian/Muslim god.
Yes, that was kind of my point.  If other things that can be called gods
really exist, in a way that's known by at least powerful people like
Chrestomanci, where do they fit in to Christian theology?  If the Hindu
pantheon demonstrably exists, eg, then do Christians just think of them as
demons?  The Hindu pantheon might not like that.  I can see ways in which
they might be fit into Christian theology, but I think it would have to
make for a different Christian theology than the one that I'm vaguely
aware of.

> Dorian.

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