Christianity in the Chrestoverse

Dorian E. Gray israfel at
Wed Jul 20 15:02:59 EDT 2005

Kyra said...

> the same thing, more-or-less, bothers me about _The
> Merlin Conspiracy_, wherein the Archbishops are mentioned specifically but
> seem to be in among with "all of the priests of other religions."

I haven't read the book recently, and it's buried in a box just now so I 
can't check.  Remind me - are the Archbishops specifically said to be 
Christian archbishops?  Because there's no reason I can think of that some 
other religion wouldn't be using the term.

> This may be an issue in the Chrestoverse as well - in "The
> Sage of Theare," when Imperion is looking at all the different worlds, he
> eventually chooses Chrestomanci's because he likes "the few gods" there,
> not God.  Or would this just be a polytheistic god's way of misperceiving
> angels?  We know there are angels, thanks to _The Magician of Caprona_.

We have no evidence from which to assume that other gods don't exist in XII 
B (or indeed, any of Series XII) - at least, not that I can think of. 
Assorted non-Christian deities may well be in existence.  I could see the 
Hindu pantheon, for instance, existing at least as much as the 
Jewish/Christian/Muslim god.


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