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Wed Jul 20 12:05:54 EDT 2005

> she said it was all spoilt for her, because she accidentally saw who died

I've never understood this kind of reasoning. It's a coming-of-age epic. The 
character who fills this role *always* dies (or disapears) before the end. 
People have been predicting this death since book 4. The point isn't who, or even 
when, it's *how*.

Fwiw, book 6 is a *much* smoother and more enjoyable read than book 5. 
Umbridge was so monumentally unpleasant that every time she showed up you wanted to 
stop reading, and had to overcome the resistance. There is no such built-in 
source of resistence in book 6. 

Oh, and Rowling's editors need to be slapped. Hard. The American missed 
several rather glaring typos, and both of them let some obvious contradictions to 
the statements made in earlier books. Some of them not exactly minor. Very 
annoying if you are a theorist.
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