Christianity in the Chrestoverse

Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at
Wed Jul 20 11:40:12 EDT 2005


>  >So, would you see people in the world reading the Biblical 
>accounts of miracles and thinking Christ was merely another magician 
>then? Even if they were saw the miracles done then as having 
>happened before magic developed, it still makes Christ just a bit of 
>an early developer, doesn't it?  A bit squidily like Native 
>Americans seeing white men with guns and thinking them gods.
>Or like how we look at Leonardo DaVinci...
>But then, the point of Christ is hardly the miracles - after all, 
>the people *in* the gospels seem to think there are others who 
>can perform miracles as well and who aren't divine.

I agree that the point of Christ isn't the miracles, but they are a 
sign of his divinity nonetheless, and seen as such.   Most of the 
other people in the gospels perform healings and demonic 
de-possessions as followers of Christ, with his authority.  They're 
certainly not performed just by anyone who happens to be born with a 
commonplace, if not universal talent.

Leonardo Da Vinci is different, IMO, because one possible way of 
showing genius is being ahead of one's time.  Had he claimed to be 
either divine or a magician on the basis of the flying machines and 
all, then our understanding of him as such would have been changed 
dramatically by technology's catching up with him.


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