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> Perhaps this is just a special case of the general problem of alternative worlds, which we have discussed on numerous occasions - but I'm bothered by the nature/existence/origins of Christianity in Chrestomanci's world. It seems to exist (i.e. they attend church in Charmed Life, and a standard C of E kind of affair it seems to be too), but how does Christianity fit into that world? In particular, the miracles in the Gospels will surely seem pretty humdrum from the point of view of a world where magic is commonplace, won't they? So, either magic only became commonplace later (which is unlikely, I think); or their Christianity and Bible are different from ours, at least in some respects; or there's a problem with DWJ's worldbuilding; or there's some other explanation I've missed.
> Any thoughts?
> Charlie

For some reason, my e-mail program seems to have screwed up the
line-length formatting on Charlie's e-mail in this response; I apologize
about that.  Anyway, I don't have an answer, but I did want to broaden
the topic a bit - the same thing, more-or-less, bothers me about _The
Merlin Conspiracy_, wherein the Archbishops are mentioned specifically but
seem to be in among with "all of the priests of other religions."  Not
only is it hard for me to understand why Christ would seem particularly
special, but it's also hard for me to see how Christianity would account
for certain aspects of life on Blest.  It seems kind of odd to me to have
Grandfather Gwyn coexisting with Christianity - what would it have to say
about him?  This may be an issue in the Chrestoverse as well - in "The
Sage of Theare," when Imperion is looking at all the different worlds, he
eventually chooses Chrestomanci's because he likes "the few gods" there,
not God.  Or would this just be a polytheistic god's way of misperceiving
angels?  We know there are angels, thanks to _The Magician of Caprona_.


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