Christianity in the Chrestoverse

Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at
Wed Jul 20 07:18:25 EDT 2005

Philip in reply to Charlie:

>  > Perhaps this is just a special case of the general problem of alternative
>>  worlds, which we have discussed on numerous occasions - but I'm bothered
>>  by the nature/existence/origins of Christianity in Chrestomanci's world.
>>  It seems to exist (i.e. they attend church in Charmed Life, and a standard
>>  C of E kind of affair it seems to be too), but how does Christianity fit
>>  into that world? In particular, the miracles in the Gospels will surely
>>  seem pretty humdrum from the point of view of a world where magic is
>>  commonplace, won't they? So, either magic only became commonplace later
>>  (which is unlikely, I think); or their Christianity and Bible are
>>  different from ours, at least in some respects; or there's a problem with
>> DWJ's worldbuilding; or there's some other explanation I've missed.
>>  Any thoughts?
>Hmm.  I don't think the Bible or the origins of Christianity can 
>have been any different from our world, since XII B is supposed to 
>be our world, and to have split off from XII A in the Middle Ages 
>(14th Century, I seem to recall, but I'm not sure)
>I think magic must have developed since the time of Christ, as 
>technology did in our world.  Magic must have been pretty basic back 
>then, just as technology was.  In the Middle Ages, our world started 
>off on the technology road, and theirs on the magical road (as I 
>gather from the history lesson in CL), splitting us into separate 

So, would you see people in the world reading the Biblical accounts 
of miracles and thinking Christ was merely another magician then? 
Even if they were saw the miracles done then as having happened 
before magic developed, it still makes Christ just a bit of an early 
developer, doesn't it?  A bit squidily like Native Americans seeing 
white men with guns and thinking them gods.


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