Dorian E. Gray israfel at eircom.net
Sun Jul 17 12:57:52 EDT 2005

Ania said...

> Yesterday, I met up with a friend for a lunchtime drink and gossip. She 
> was
> about 3/4 way through her copy of HP (I haven't started mine yet- still
> finishing The Queen of Attolia), but she said it was all spoilt for her,
> because she accidentally saw who died (don't worry, she didn't tell me, 
> and
> I wouldn't tell you if I knew!). How do you 'accidentally' find out
> something like that? Well, she said that she wanted to see how many pages
> the book had, so she looked in the back, and happened to glance at the top
> of a page a couple of pp. from the back- and there it was!

Well, I almost invariably look at the last couple of pages once I'm a 
quarter of the way into a book, so that wouldn't bother me (and in any case, 
I knew before I started who dies).

I'm not one who bothers much about spoilers.  Knowing that X dies or Y goes 
mad or Z commits barratry is not a particularly big deal to me...I still 
have to read the book to find out *how* and *why* these things happen.  (But 
I do know that other people worry more about spoilers, so I try not to 
commit them.)

But I do would think it would be very difficult to look at the page 
numbering and *not* see any of the text on the page(s).


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