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Sat Jul 16 19:14:54 EDT 2005

Dorian E. Gray wrote:
>I admit it...I completely forgot about it!  Until I was on a bus this 
>evening and saw assorted people getting off said bus, all clutching what was 
>obviously HP6.  And then I thought, "oh yeah, the new Harry Potter is out 
>today, isn't it?"
>I'll probably pick up a copy in Tesco's at some point; I do want to read it, 
>but I'm not in a mad rush to.  And I got a parcel of books in the post 
>yesterday and still have one of those to read, so I'm not gagging for new 
>reading material *just* yet.

When you do get it, don't go paying more than a fiver for it: at least
one of the supermarket chains had it for five quid even today.  Wait a
couple of weeks and you'll probably get it for two or three, at that


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