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Sat Jul 16 18:24:02 EDT 2005

--- "Dorian E. Gray" <israfel at eircom.net> wrote:

> Juliette said...
> >I admit it. I confess. I bought HP6. It went on
> sale here in Perth, Western 
> >Australia, at 7.01am so I got up early and queued
> up outside Angus and 
> >Robertson bookshop in Murray Street. There were
> only about 20 people there, 
> >probably because it was a bit early and cold for
> many people, but I was 
> >there in my long coat and warm leather gloves and I
> bought it.
> I admit it...I completely forgot about it!  Until I
> was on a bus this 
> evening and saw assorted people getting off said
> bus, all clutching what was 
> obviously HP6.  And then I thought, "oh yeah, the
> new Harry Potter is out 
> today, isn't it?"
> I'll probably pick up a copy in Tesco's at some
> point; I do want to read it, 
> but I'm not in a mad rush to.  And I got a parcel of
> books in the post 
> yesterday and still have one of those to read, so
> I'm not gagging for new 
> reading material *just* yet.

I was going to get a copy from the local bookshop
yesterday, partly to support them as I'm amazed that
they have managed to stay open a year in this town.
And also because in a cunning promotion they were
giving away a free DWJ book with each copy. However
they'd sold out (very pleasing as small bookshops here
have been complaining that they can't compete with
with the big chains who sell it below cost at about
half the regular retail price.) So I guess I'll pick
up a discount copy when I get a chance.


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