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Sat Jul 16 17:52:10 EDT 2005

I must admit, it's refreshing to have a mad mania going on that I don't
share.  I'll read it eventually, I'm sure, but mostly because it's a
cultural touchstone for anyone involved in children's fantasy, and not
because I care.

I have no positive or negative feelings for those of you who *do* care.
It's just that I'm usually such a mad fangirl that it's positively
relaxing to be completely indifferent to something everyone else is so
excited about.

Sir! I protest! I am _not_ a merry man!
		--lt. worf

On Sat, 16 Jul 2005, J.E. Powers wrote:

|I won't buy it.  I gave up buying them a couple of books
|ago.  But, eventually, when things have died down, I
|will get it from the library and read it.
|I won't buy it either.  I always wait to borrow the library's edition.  However, the library called today and said they had a copy available for me.  {grin}

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