DWJ in Saga (plus OT stuff about sciatica)

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Mon Jul 11 09:52:00 EDT 2005

[DWJ was quoted in Saga}
><Also, real people have jobs, hobbies and a life
>outside the place where you usually meet them.
>Nothing is less convincing than a person who only
>comes alive at the moments when they take part in
>the story. Make sure you know what they are doing
>when you are not writing about them ñ what they
>have for breakfast, what their outside interests
>are, the kind of clothes they buy. Then, even if
>you donít actually mention much of this, the
>person will have proper depth.>

Ven commented:

>See the quiz that she wrote -- I even seem to
>remember Minnow telling us that even Diana
>herself realised the odd new thing about a
>character -- Querida's embroidery perhaps, have I
>got this right? Paging a small fish to dart out
>of the reeds a moment.

Querida's embroidery was I think something DWJ sort-
of knew but had never thought about; when she did
think about it she realised it was important enough
*to Querida* for it to have to go in the quiz even
if it might be a little misleading since it wasn't
mentioned in the book.

When you think about it that makes sense in context:
how many people in the book would have known about
Querida's embroidery?  I suspect that mostly if
they'd been told they would have disbelieved it. :-)


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