Off topic RE: Ballet Shoes (was RE: DWJ sans frontiers)

Colin Fine colin at
Sat Jul 9 07:08:06 EDT 2005

Belben, Philip (Energy Wholesale) wrote:
>>Someone mentioned organs - to say, I think,  that it wasn't related -
>>but I feel it could be related to organ stops (isn't that what the
>>little round press in buttons are called) and perhaps some were called
>>Swellers informally if they had the effect of swelling the music.
>>Pretty far out in terms of guessing I suppose....
> That was why I mentioned organs in the first place.  A "Stop" is the
> control to select a rank of pipes, often in the form of a little round
> button as you suggest.
A stop is usually a big knob to pull. The little push-buttons are 
generally 'couplers'.
But I can't cast any light on the question either.


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