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Tarja and Charlie wrote about Worldcon.
I'd love to go, but I've already signed up for CLISS (summer school at the
Children's Literature Institute at Roehampton University) which falls on the
same dates. I would definitely have been interested in your panel, Charlie.
I probably know most of the Israelis who will be attending, so if you bump
into anyone from Israel try mentioning my name, there's a good chance it
will elicit a friendly smile.

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  > On other things, is anyone other than Hallie (I noticed your name among
  > Attending memberships) coming to this year's Worldcon in Glasgow?

  I'll be there! I'm moderating a panel on "The Second Golden Age of
Children's Fantasy" on the Friday afternoon, which will also feature Maureen
Kincaid Speller (are you still on this list, Maureen?). Anyone else?


  Whatever you Wanadoo

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