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Sat Jul 2 07:13:02 EDT 2005


>  > Just to toss out a couple of brief responses to other recent reads, I
>>  thought _The Scarab_ was a very satisfying conclusion to the trilogy
>>  (and it IS a conclusion, thank goodness), if not quite as good as
>>  _The Oracle_ and _The Archon_.  She does a wonderful Underworld in
>>  it, which is sustained for quite a chunk of the book.
>Sorry, but who wrote these? Is it MWT?

No, it's Catherine Fisher - sorry.  She writes both this-worldly 
fantasy (set in places you'd probably find familiar) and invented 
worlds as well, and this trilogy is invented world.  Ancient 
Greek/Egyptian feel, so similar in a way to the world of MWT, though 
also totally different.

>  > Waiting anxiously for July, which will bring among other things, the
>>  new Jasper Fforde,
>Yes! I LOVE these.

It's not a Thursday Next book, just in case you hadn't heard that. 
Sounds great though.


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