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> Before I hyper-ventilate away entirely - _King of Attolia_, due out
> in Feb. 2006.  Oh my!  (No author needed with that title, presumably,
> but it's Megan Whalen Turner, just in case.)

I have yet to read the Queen of Attolia- I think I better get onto Amazon

> Just to toss out a couple of brief responses to other recent reads, I
> thought _The Scarab_ was a very satisfying conclusion to the trilogy
> (and it IS a conclusion, thank goodness), if not quite as good as
> _The Oracle_ and _The Archon_.  She does a wonderful Underworld in
> it, which is sustained for quite a chunk of the book.

Sorry, but who wrote these? Is it MWT?

> Waiting anxiously for July, which will bring among other things, the
> new Jasper Fforde,

Yes! I LOVE these.

and a new Sherwood Smith, though I'll be holding
> off on the latter for a bit.  Anyone else waiting, or managed to get
> hold of either?
> Hallie

I came across Sherwood Smith quite accidentally in a local charity shop- it
was a two-in-one with Crown Duel and Something-else-duel in one vol. It had
a ringing endorsement from Tamora Pierce, so I was quite confident that I'd
like it, but actually, I found the 'spirited heroine' (at least she wasn't
'feisty') really unsympathetic, and the misunderstandings etc which arose
(and kept arising) out of lack of communication unconvincing and irritating.
On the whole I was disappointed.

I am intrigued by the Mediator series mentioned by Melissa- I have
bookmarked vol. 1 on ebay and I shall check it out asap. This inspires me to
confessing that I have been reading and enjoying what can best be described
as teenage vampire Mills and Boon- namely, the Night World series by Lisa
Smith. I also have her Secret Circle trilogy and that's quite fun too.

And that's not all. I have been reading the Everworld series by Katherine
Applegate (she also wrote Animorphs). This one is a bit different, but not
at all bad. If anyoine finds the last volume, 'Entertain the End', in a
charity shop or somewhere, please grab it for me! It's out of print and
quite hard to get hold of.

I have also finally got round to starting on Megan Lindholm's Windsingers (I
have the first 3 in one vol) and I'm enjoying it- but got quite a shock when
Harpy's Flight just finished! So short compared to Robin Hobb's Assassin etc
series. I thought, is that it?, but not in a bad way. There is definitely
virtue in brevity- not something the forthcoming Potter instalment is likely
to exhibit (but I'm looking forward to it anyway!)

Finally, I am going to Tewkesbury mediaeval festi next weekend- if any of
you are likely to be there, just find the gyroscope and the swingboats and
ask for me- I'll be travelling with the people who run these attractions. I
hope to spend many happy hours in the gyroscope, which is a wondrous


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