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On Thu, 30 Jun 2005 23:38:15 +0100, Hallie O'Donovan wrote:

>Before I hyper-ventilate away entirely - _King of Attolia_, due out 
>in Feb. 2006.  Oh my!  (No author needed with that title, presumably, 
>but it's Megan Whalen Turner, just in case.)

Well, *finally*.  :)

>Just to toss out a couple of brief responses to other recent reads, I 
>thought _The Scarab_ was a very satisfying conclusion to the trilogy 
>(and it IS a conclusion, thank goodness), if not quite as good as 
>_The Oracle_ and _The Archon_.  She does a wonderful Underworld in 
>it, which is sustained for quite a chunk of the book. 

I am looking forward to it, but it appears my shipment has gone missing.
Setting aside the fact that they sent it May 27 and yet couldn't promise
delivery until June 23, it's still not here.  Either it's at the post
office, or somebody stole it off my porch, or it just went missing, but the
plain fact is that it's not actually HERE.  (Shipment also had _Infernal
Engines_ so I'm twice as cranky.)

>Waiting anxiously for July, which will bring among other things, the 
>new Jasper Fforde, and a new Sherwood Smith, though I'll be holding 
>off on the latter for a bit.  Anyone else waiting, or managed to get 
>hold of either?

I'm waiting for the Fforde.  I laughed my head off just reading the
description...something about it struck my funny bone just right.  I do have
Shannon Hale's latest book, _Princess Academy_, which probably won't show up
across the pond for a while.  (She wrote _The Goose Girl_ in case anyone
doesn't recognize the name.)  It looks date on the third book in
the Goose Girl universe, but I heard she'd finished it at least.  Mostly I
am addicted to Lindsey Davis novels these days, and have finally reached a
point in the series where I can get them at the library.  Didn't know about
the Sherwood Smith though....

I'm also reading a series by Meg Cabot (of Princess Diaries fame) called The
Mediator.  I like to tell people that it's about a fashion-conscious girl
who can kick butt, her elderly but sexy mentor, her new best friend who is
weird, smart, and in love with her other new friend, who is in love with the
heroine, and the hot undead guy the girl is actually in love with.  But it's
not Buffy.  Seriously, the superficial resemblances are remarkable, but
there's never any sense that this is a retread of Joss Whedon's opus; it's
funny and light, but serious at the same time--strong relationships between
characters, an interesting premise that fits together well, and enough
complications to keep the series from becoming episodic.  At the end of book
4 (which I've just finished) there is a significant twist, which may or may
not work out, so I'm eager to see where it goes.  The series was originally
published under the name Jenny Carroll, and I recommend if you are looking
for it at the public library that you search for that name; the reprints
with Cabot's name on them are very popular, but I was able to check out the
first four volumes even though the reprints were all gone.  (I think the
titles are _Shadowland_, _Ninth Key_, _Reunion_, _Darkest Hour_, _Haunted_,
and _Twilight_.)

I have been very busy these last four or five months in my daughter's
school, pretending to be a librarian.  It's a private school that only just
moved to its new building two years ago and has only had a library for one
of those years.  The library is quite small, maybe 10,000 volumes, and they
can't afford a full-time librarian (and don't really need one).  The catch?
They have no catalog of any kind and certainly no computerized system.  I
could seriously walk out the door with anything I wanted and no one would
ever know.  Good thing I have such an overdeveloped conscience.  I think the
administrators were just happy to have a parent volunteer who knew anything
about cataloguing or classification.  So when they finally bought a catalog
program in March, I was the one who had to learn to use it.  Not that this
program came with any kind of tutorial or anything.  Bah.  Now that summer's
here I spend two days every week downloading and editing MARC records and
watching the piles of unshelved, catalogued books grow higher...because we
need more helpers, and it's a waste of my time to label books.  It takes up
a lot of time--and this is only the beginning.  My hope is that I can write
a proposal to exchange all this time I'm spending for tuition.  I'm enjoying
myself immensely, but it cuts into my time--and with Jacob living on my
computer now that he's unemployed, I never get to read email or anything fun
like that.  Heaven forbid I have time to download Doctor Who episodes....

Melissa Proffitt

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