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> woops, I meant to add that the mix of genre thing that Willis does should 
> presumably make her more 
> popular across readers (or is it just confusing? would be an interesting 
> study). 

I remember lending one of her books (_The Doomsday Book_, I'm pretty sure it 
was), to my oldest sister, who likes historical fiction but almost never reads 
science fiction or fantasy, and she liked it very much and said she would 
never have run across it otherwise. 

Willis ought by rights to be promoted more the way Jasper Fforde is. By the 
way, I got _Lost in a Good Book_ out of the library for my husband the other 
day (our copy having been lost before he could read it, and the library copy 
having been misplaced as well, so that I had two of the staff hunting all over 
for it -- I get the impression that book has misunderstood its own name), and 
discovered they have it classified in mystery, not sf or fiction-fiction.

Helen Schinske
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