Best Books of 2004

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Mon Jan 31 08:48:00 EST 2005

On Mon, 31 Jan 2005, Kathleen Jennings wrote:
|My mother burnt a book once, on the basis that she couldn't possibly
|recommend it to anyone, and there wasn't anything else to do with it!
|We used a wood-burning stove, so it was very hard to do, but it is
|comparatively difficult to burn books (or any other thick wad of

I burned an old Fiske's Guide to Colleges for a yearbook photo.  And
once a John Gray (Men are from Mars) book made us so angry that we
shredded it for the compost.  Then I worried that it would give my
cucmbers complexes so they wouldn't cross pollinate, but they must have
been monoecious and so unaffected by his grr argh nonsense.

But I don't even like to throw away moldy books, unfortunately for my
poor allergies.  I have a spotted old copy of Magicians of Caprona that
I got off the outdoor rack in Hay on Wye on a rainy day.

What is an 'evil shape', I wonder?  Could a triangle be evil, for
example?  Are some kind of triangles decent and God-fearing,
whereas others are treacherous and inclined to furtive sodomy?
And could you tell that from the 'shape'?
		-- Philip Pullman, "The Republic of Heaven"

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