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Gili Bar-Hillel gbhillel at netvision.net.il
Mon Jan 31 08:09:13 EST 2005

Fun Quizzes, Ven, thanks!
My mother has a couple of doctoral students who wrote papers on whether
people can tell "real" poetry from "fake", and whether people rate the same
poem differently if they think it was written by a machine as opposed to a
famous poet, and vice versa. I personally think some of the "fake" poetry
they made up for their study was better than the real poems, which were
selected by a panel of lit. professors as being "good, but not famous". I'll
add my own responses and scores after yours.


Ven wrote:
>I did best at distinguishing Bulwer Lytton from
>Dickens -- 83%.

I was TERRIBLE at this: 33%! Several of the Dickens quotes sounded simply
awful to me.

>My next best was real (abstract) art from fake -- 75%.

I did much better here: 92%. There was one "real" picture I listed at fake
(the water colory one); I think that's the only mistake I made.

> Famous and Unknown artists has covered me with
> embarrassment. 53%.

I got 67%. I thought the Winston Churchill's were rather good and marked
them both famous, and I marked two "famous" paintings unknown. Funny thing
is, if I had been told they were famous paintings, I think I probably would
have identified the painters correctly (Pisarro and Cezanne), but for some
reason I decided they were fakes!

>I was pretty awful at telling Faulkner from the machine, 33% but feel I
might have done better if
> they had explained it was mnachine translations of various German author's
works, and not, as I
> thought Faulkner to German and back.

I did quite badly too: 50%. Goethe in machine translation was quite lovely,
I found. I also failed miserably on the Lenin and whatchamacallems, another
33%, less than chance. I reckon if I had read more Dickens, Faukner or Lenin
I might have done better, but none of these authors is really my cup of tea.

Finally, MIDI file vs. virtuoso, I scored a perfect 100%, almost without
hesitation; #4 was the only one that gave me any pause at all. Can't fool a
trained ear - yet.


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