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On Sat, 29 Jan 2005, Kyra Jucovy wrote:
|On Sat, 29 Jan 2005 minnow at wrote:
|> I too didn't think this was great, but then I don't think DWJ is at her
|> best in the short-story field, and nor does she!

Ooh, I get to disagree with DWJ, fun!  I think Dragon Reserve Home 8 is
absolutely splendid, as is Plague of Peacocks.  I like them both far
better than, say, Fire and Hemlock.

|I feel tempted to defend "The True State of Affairs" - I mostly find DWJ's
|shorter works very disappointing, but this one (and "The Girl Who Loved
|the Sun") really worked for me.  I think in part with "The True State of
|Affairs" it's the style, which seems very unlike her usual style but
|equally lovable and interesting.  And in part it's the thematic stuff -
|the contrast between expectations/hope and reality is something I really
|find interesting whenever it's done in literature.  So, while I can
|certainly see why people wouldn't like it, for me, it's a really powerful
|work that made a very positive impression.

I also adore True State.  For one thing, It's extremely postmodern,
which always makes me squee.  But I also love yet another lens on a
proto-Dalemark.  It just works for me, as does the writing and character

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