Best Books of 2004

Margaret Ball margaret at
Mon Jan 31 00:24:26 EST 2005

>I really felt as though I'd
>ripped out the middle chapters of a book and thrown the covers away with
>several chapters on each end still attached.   (gah! book mutilation! I
>would never even contemplate doing such a thing!)


you wouldn't?

i have read several books which deserved such a fate. although come to 
think of it i didn't do it either.

I did have some fun once, in one of my own books, pointing out that it's 
actually quite difficult to burn a book. If Hitler had been thinking 
clearly he would simply have allowed them to mildew to death, although I 
suppose that wouldn't have had the necessary drama.

"Let's go down in the basement and watch mildew grow on the banned books."

sorry. my mind is not just wandering tonight, it needs a GPS

Margaret Ball

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