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> I too didn't think this was great, but then I don't think DWJ is at her
> best in the short-story field, and nor does she! apparently they are as
> much work as a full-length book but nothing like as much fun to do because
> there isn't room to expand on the bits the author herself finds interesting
> and unexpected.
> What I thought about this one was that it showed all the signs of having
> started out to be a book and then run out of puff.  I got the same feeling
> about "Everard's Ride".  Each of them feels like the first draft of a book
> that stopped working, taken out of the drawer at a later date because
> someone wanted a short story for some special purpose (as it might be a
> convention guest-of-honour spot), and tidied up so they could be used.
> That would be why they're incomplete: because they always were incomplete,
> and DWJ herself discovered that she didn't know what happened in the end
> and so never wrote it.

Is that what happened to Wild Robert, which always seemed very
unsatisfactory to me in so far as it seemed unfinished?

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