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Ven vendersleighc at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 27 17:58:42 EST 2005

Hi everyone,

Here's a site with some interesting quizzes.


It includes:

True art or a fake? 

Famous or unknown? 
A quiz to try to determine if a painting was
created by a famous artist or by an unknown

Great prose or crap? 
A quiz to try to tell wether the literary
passages are from Edward Bulwer-Lytton (the worst
writer in history of letters) or from Charles

Machine translation or Faulkner? 
A quiz to try to tell William Faulkner's prose
from machine-translated text.

The above are the ones I've done. I'll put my
scores and comments below, after spoiler space.


I did best at distinguishing Bulwer Lytton from
Dickens -- 83%. The ones I missed were from David
Copperfield, which I don't regard very highly and
the final one from BL which I took for rather
poor Dickens. On the whole this was easy, Dickens
is simply so much more precise and definite.

My next best was real (abstract) art from fake --
75%. I made these distinctions primarily on
aesthetics so I'm quite pleased with my
judgement. I really do like one of the fakes! A
couple of years ago I saw a programme in which
they showed that pigeons could be trained to
distinguish slides of real Mondrians from fakes
with more success than art students -- to do with
the proportions os various colours apparently!

Famous and Unknown artists has covered me with
embarrassment. 53%. I liked the first of you know
who's pictures and ticked it as "famous" (not
going to write the name as even with spoiler
space it will jump out at people). I was also 
familiar with one of WC's paintings from a recent
magazine article, which screwed up my score a
bit. And mistook Gaugin for Cezanne, at least I
marked both as famous. I presume what they did
here was to choose the best of the "unknowns'"
paintings, though the lesser known works of
famous artists are not neccessarily their  worst.

I was pretty awful at telling Faulkner from the
machine, 33% but feel I might have done better if
they had explained it was mnachine translations
of various German author's works, and not, as I
thought Faulkner to German and back. I've not
read Faulkner other than extracts either. He's on
my "ought to one day" list.


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