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Jadwiga Zajaczkowa / Jenne Heise jenne at fiedlerfamily.net
Wed Jan 26 23:09:41 EST 2005

> > (I'm re-reading all my kid paperbacks with an eye to giving away those 
> > that don't stand up to re-reading for me. This is merely because I have 
> > a huge swarm of now-reading foster nieces and nephews, combined with 
> > limited bookcase space.)
> oooh. will you be posting this list of redundant books here?
> (do not fear our sarcasm)

Hm... So far, I've re-read:

Rufus M. -- not sure, because while these days you can definitely find 
Eleanor Estes in the public library if you really want it, what happens 
when they start weeding her?

Mummy Market (Nancy Burns Brelis) -- Over to the kids. I still like it 
but not enough to keep.

Pippi Longstocking-- again, it didn't wear well.

All of a Kind Family-- is going to my Jewish friend and I can borrow it 
if I want to.

Mystery of the Other Girl (Wylly Folk St. John) -- going away becuase 
it's merely classic pre-teen mystery

Miss Bianca in the Orient-- I will probably back down on giving this 
way, simply because I adore Miss Biana and Bernard so... but this was 
definitely the weakest of the series.

Burnish me bright (about a mute child and the mime who teaches him) 
definitely keeping-- it's a grown-up book anyway.

Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing, the only Judy Blue book I really ever 
liked, is going away because my fourth-grade niece needs it more than I 
do, and besides, it's really only that good when you're a fourth-grade 

Island of the Aunts is probably going to the kids, not because I don't 
like it, but because I think they'll like it better. :)

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