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>> That's a fair way into the series.
>Oh no! How can this have happened? I had no idea it was on (as I said, I 
>didn't see any ads or reviews for it anywhere.)
In the US it was aired completely out of order, and that might have happened
to you, but I doubt it.  I hope for your sake it is; "Trash" is the second
to the last episode.

The "Western" feel of the show put a lot of viewers off initially, as I
recall.  But that's only one part of the universe the show exists in; the
premise is that out on the fringes of civilization, some worlds are barely
scraping by and have to make do with what they've got, but other "inner"
worlds have all sorts of technology you would expect from a science fiction
show.  And other worlds have adopted the manners of earlier eras while
maintaining a high tech level--i.e. the episode "Shindig," which features an
old-fashioned pseudo-Regency dance, but guests are scanned at the door for
firearms and the chandelier is cutting-edge virtual technology.

I think it's a wonderful series.  Do try to see it in order if you can.  At
least they're giving you episode titles; if you want to know where they fall
in the series, go to:

This is a list of episodes in order, with spoilers, so don't click on the
individual links unless you want to know everything that happens.

Melissa Proffitt

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