The Passage

ROSLYN rosgross at
Tue Jan 25 07:55:46 EST 2005

> Judith:
>>I have just collected Connie Willis' The Passage from the library, and the
>>last section of the book has come adrift from the spine. I am worried it
>>might be missing pages. Is anyone able to email me the last line of the 
>>so I can check if I've got the last page? (Alternatively, I have the 
>>US hardback edition, and it ends on page 594) I couldn't bear it if I got 
>>the end and it was missing. It looks like a wonderful premise and I am 
>>excited to read it.


> Ros has already given you the last line, so I'm probably too late to save 
> you checking that way, but I also have the Bantam hb and it is 594 pages 
> long.  As Ros said, you would *not* want to read _Passage_ unless you were 
> sure you had every page!    Your post gave me the nicest flashback of 
> reading the book pretty much straight through (though I did manage to put 
> it down to sleep, I didn't while cooking dinner, at some risk to physical 
> well-being), absolutely and completely engrossed.  For all I can see 
> several faults with my critical mind, it still blows me away.

I feel the same way. As some people have said in another thread, this is a 
book I'd love to be able to read for the first time again, mainly for, among 
other reasons, the thrill of utter astonishment in the last three-quarters 
of it.


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