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> Okay, I give up; why do librarians hate Elsevier? I was trained in 
> graduate school to think, "If Elsevier published it, it's probably a 
> legitimate academic book with some real content."

Hideously overpriced. Monopolistic. Vastly expensive periodicals that one 
supposedly Must Buy using up all the budget that might otherwise go on the kind 
of periodicals one's friends actually get things published in. Same again where 
books are concerned. Here's an example off ABE (note this is the *secondhand* 

Profile of the International Membrane Industry, Market Prospects to 2008 
Sutherland, KenPrice: US$ 795.00
    Book Description: Elsevier, 2004. Paperback. Fine/No Jacket. 3rd. Large 
Format. a new copy, publisher list price is over $1,400. Bookseller Inventory 

Helen Schinske, who is not making this up

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