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Mon Jan 24 10:55:05 EST 2005

JOdel wrote:
>>I assume because there was reference to an iron lung that the book is pre
>>1970s and perhaps British - if you have ANY ideas as to the name or author of
>>this book, I would love to re-discover it again - - it was mesmerizing.<<

and I replied
>This has to be *Marianne Dreams* (1958) by Catherine Storr.  It came out in
>Puffin in, in, 1964 in a revised edition.
>There isn't any iron lung in it,

I was wrong, of course, because there is an iron lung, it just isn't
Marianne who has it: it's Mark.  I don't think we ever get told exactly
what's wrong with her, but she's at home; he's had polio, and then he gets
bronchitis and goes into hospital.

Sorry for misleading, if I did.


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