trash vs literature

Ika blake at
Mon Jan 24 07:06:21 EST 2005

>> Love, Ika (waiting for Season 2 of the L-Word to reach England)
> They took it off the air here even before the end of the first season. :-(

*Seriously*? But there's a huge *twist* at the end of the first season,
which means you have to go back and watch it all again, and it all
suddenly makes sense in a completely new way! (I think it's out on DVD in
Australia now, if that's where you are - certainly Australians are selling
the DVD on E-bay, anyway. It's well worth getting, if just for the

Love, Ika

"The White Cobra will take great pleasure in the black velvet mole."
- *Avon: A Terrible Aspect*.

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