trash vs literature

Ika blake at
Mon Jan 24 06:35:59 EST 2005

Katie wrote:

> I know what you mean about how reading is regarded.  I get a different
> reaction, though.  People look at me in an admiring, awing way and go
> on about how they should read more, regret that they are engaging in
> such brainless activity as TV-watching, think I am so wonderful to do
> such a thing as read...

Hee. When I was still a smoker (& doing my MA), I was standing outside the
entrance to the Cultural Studies department on the campus having a fag and
reading a *Making Out* novel, when one of the other women on the MA went
past, flicked the book and said "Ooh, you swot!" Luckily the Making Out
books have covers with fashion-shoot style photographs of pretty teens and
big, legible blurbs saying things like "Ben's in love... with two girls...
who just happen to be sisters!", so all I had to do was hold the cover up
to correct her misapprehension.

Love, Ika

"The White Cobra will take great pleasure in the black velvet mole."
- *Avon: A Terrible Aspect*.

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