SF as the only significant literature

Rowland, Jennifer A B jennifer.rowland at imperial.ac.uk
Mon Jan 24 06:36:41 EST 2005

Kyla wrote:
> > > There was another book I remember reading about a futuristic world
> > > where all these students get "assigned jobs" depending on their
> > > skills.  And there's this weird game that they find out about
> > > playing.  I forget who wrote the book, but it might be called
> > > "The Game".  

> > Nevermind, I found it:
> In case anyone was wondering and doesn't want to follow the link, it's
> called _Invitation to the Game_, is by Monica Hughes, and is one of my
> favorite books. 

Oh, yes, I remember that one- it was good (although I think when they meet the others at the end, it works out a bit too neatly.) I guessed at either Sherri Tepper's True Game series, except it isn't futuristic, or Futuretrack Five, but there's no game involved in that. 
Must reread some Monica Hughes. What's the sequel to Devil On My Back called? 

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