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deborah deborah.dwj at
Sun Jan 23 13:14:10 EST 2005

On Mon, 10 Jan 2005, Paul Andinach wrote:
|On Sun, 9 Jan 2005, deborah wrote:
|> I've made some major changes to the wiki today.
|Wow! Great work, deborah. Thank you.

You're welcome.  :)  Any more requests?  I'm feeling snowed in.  Oh,
wait, I *am* snowed in.

|The subheadings on the Preferences page are behaving oddly, but I
|don't know if that's because of the stylesheets or something else.

What kind of oddly?  It's probably a css thing, but I can fix it if it's

|Who's that in the new logo? DWJ?

Yup!  Young DWJ in a boat, from Something About the Author.

Me: Should we install Microsoft products or Applixware?
Magic 8 Ball: Outlook not good.

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