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Sun Jan 23 07:48:57 EST 2005

I asked
>> If anybody here has read John Verney's *ismo*, did you manage to work out
>> which Bolting Madonna was which at the end?

and JOdel replied
>Oh, gawd no. None of that book made any sense At All. Fun images, and would
>have made a great swinging '60s "caper flick" with all   of the dodgeing and
>ducking and cloak-and-daggering. But it's like I never was able to discern
>whether there was any *point* to any of it, or whether it was just something
>for everyone to do when they were bored.

I came away with the feeling the point of the plotting was for someone to
make a lot of money selling a painting; and that the point of the book was
to indicate to the swinging and conspiritorial 1960s Yoof that their
parents might have been equally conspiritorial before they grew out of it,
seeing that justabout every grown-up ought-to-be-authority-figure turned
out to be part of a Plot that the Yoof didn't understand at all!

>Mind you I ended up with pretty much the same feeling with his other books,
>Friday's Tunnel and February's Road as well.

Those two didn't baffle me because February always had things explained to
her in them.  The thing about *ismo* was that February herself didn't have
the faintest idea what was really going on, so she couldn't ever explain
anything for the reader.

There were rumours of more, but they never came my way.  Or at least, I
think *Seven Sunflower Seeds* may have done but I can't remember anything
about it except that it didn't have the family in it much and wasn't
anything like as much fun as a result.  I may be misjudging it horribly.
Would anyone say it was a must-read?


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