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This is Marianne Dreams by Catherine Storr.
The sequel, Marianne and Mark, is very different.

This was a book I read in the 1970's but was older than that - its story
line was about a girl who is in the hospital (an iron lung perhaps) who has
no one to talk to and nothing to play with until she is given a pencil and a
pad or notebook of paper -- she draws a mysterious land and when she sleeps
she is there - - she gives the rocks in her mysterious land eyes with which
to see... and the adventures start - -  towards the end, things turn dark
and there is another little boy in the dream world - (and apparently in the
hospital) - and before she is released she draws the pencil into the last
drawing so that the little boy can have it - it appears in the dream world
and when she awakens its no longer in her hospital room. 

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