Books we have read (no longer; Happy dance of joy )

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Sat Jan 22 22:58:29 EST 2005

> If anybody here has read John Verney's *ismo*, did you manage to work out 
> which Bolting Madonna was which at the end?
Oh, gawd no. None of that book made any sense At All. Fun images, and would 
have made a great swinging '60s "caper flick" with all   of the dodgeing and 
ducking and cloak-and-daggering. But it's like I never was able to discern 
whether there was any *point* to any of it, or whether it was just something for 
everyone to do when they were bored.

Mind you I ended up with pretty much the same feeling with his other books, 
Friday's Tunnel and February's Road as well.
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