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Sat Jan 22 15:41:28 EST 2005

>Minnow said...
>> with
>> the exception of *Cousin Kate*, which nobody seems to think is a good
>> place to start.

and Dorian replied:
>Well, I wouldn't say it is, unless the newreader is a fan of
>yucky-Gothic-ness.  And even then, it's so unlike pretty much all the rest
>of her work that said newreader will likely be peeved when he/she reads
>"Arabella" or "These Old Shades" or whatever.

Probably the people on the Heyer list are fans of the other books and find
that one (and *Penhallow* and *The Great Roxhythe*) atypical, and so not a
good way to get a new reader hooked on the ones they *do* like a lot.

>> ObDWJ: she shares with me a personal un-favourite: *Regency Buck* is early
>> work, rather melodramatic and overdone and with a hero who's a MCP pain
>> a heroine who's a sap, and includes too much infodump obviously lifted
>> straight from period guide-books and contemporary accounts of London life.
>> It also has Beau Brummell as one of the main secondary characters, and
>> includes him saying most of the things everyone knows he said, but
>> shoehorned into the situations in the book; for some reason that puts me
>> out quite badly, but it might not bother anyone else (except DWJ).
>Well, I'm rather fond of "Regency Buck", personally.  I have to say that I
>don't think the mystery is worked very well; there are no clues to the
>reader about the natures of the two men that would allow the proper "ah-ha"
>moment when All Is Revealed (in fact, I recall the denoument confusing me
>mightily when I first read it!).

What's worse is that the heroine has been deliberately kept in the dark and
allowed to think that her much-loved brother has been murdered.  That
sucks.  And what's more it's cheating not to allow the reader to have the
information needed to work it out for oneself, and Heyer actively points in
a wrong direction at one stage.

>But I love the descriptions of London High
>Society, I love Beau Brummell, I go all gooey over the scene in the Pavilion
>when the heroine faints...  It's not one of my top favourites, but I
>certainly wouldn't put it as an "un-favourite".

I find Worth intolerable: he's got a nasty cruel streak a mile wide, and it
puts me out every time I bump into it.

>I think it's time to go find my copy of "These Old Shades" and indulge in an
>orgy of utter melodrama and sentimentality. :-)

Oh, there I'm with you!  Hold on whilst I just borrow Mr Manvers' roan, and
grab Fletcher's Sunday hat and a pistol, and let's go!


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