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Sat Jan 22 15:41:25 EST 2005

Paul explained:

>On Fri, 21 Jan 2005, Margaret Ball wrote:
>> Allison wrote
>> > My boyfriend and I enjoy mocking tv shows and movies when they are
>> > portraying "computer hackers".  It's just *so* laughable.
>> Oh yes. There was some film a few years ago - don't remember the
>> name, but it must have been five to ten years ago because I remember
>> having to take the girls to see it - where the final sequence
>> involves our hero reaching the heart of the alien ship and UPLOADING
>> A VIRUS into their computer.
>That would be 'Independence Day' (also known, for reasons that I
>hopefully need not go into here, as 'ID4'). I've heard that the way
>they defeated the aliens was supposed to be a modern homage thingy to
>'The War of the Worlds', but I've never seen that officially

If that's the one I'm thinking of, it kept turning up at SF gatherings, but
I have never seen it beyond the point at which the White House gets blown
up, because that was when the tech crew always started taking money for
showing it again backwards, jumping, speeded up and so forth.  So the final
sequence didn't impinge on my consciousness so's you'd notice.

It must have been around for a while before 2001, because the howls of
enthusiasm would have been in bad taste since then.

The other film the techies always made lots for charity from was *The
Princess Bride* -- I must have seen the duel scene at the top of the cliff
in justabout every possible manner except sideways.


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