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Sat Jan 22 13:30:00 EST 2005

Widdy said...

> OK, once more into the breach here . . .
> Having been thoroughly smitten with Bujold's books (more Miles!) at the
> recommendation of this list and noticing that many on this list love
> Heyer (as do Bujold and Connie Willis) . . .
> Where should I start with Heyer? Which book should I seek out first?

It All Depends. :-)

Do you fancy stories set in Regency High Society?  Stories set down the
country?  Stories with a mystery as well as the romance?  A Practical

If you fancy High Society I'd recommend "Arabella" (which was my own very
first Heyer).

For down the country, I really like "The Unknown Ajax" (which is very funny
and has smugglers as well).

For a mystery sub-plot, go to "The Toll-Gate" (also set down the country,

And for a Practical Romance, it has to be "A Civil Contract" (bloke marries
rich-but-vulgar girl 'cause he's broke).

But I'd be more inclined to tell you where not to start. :-)  I personally
love Heyer's romances (all set in Regency or Georgian England); I don't much
get on with her contemporary mysteries.  I'm also not fond of her
non-Regency/Georgian historicals.  Also, "Cousin Kate" is *not* a place to
start (it's a weird Gothic affair), and "An Infamous Army" is more
interested in the battle of Waterloo than the romance.



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