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> I have done and am still doing from time to time a reasonable amount of 
> editing of academic material (theses, papers, that kind of thing) in 
> Calgary, Canada. Here the going rate for the kind of proofing/editing 
> you are talking about is $1 per page. If you are checking citation, then 
> you count *every page* of the the document. Bear in mind that the rate I 
> suggest is mostly for students, so is perhaps a bit discounted, but it 
> could give you a ballpark figure. I actually charge an hourly rate, but 
> I know how fast I work, and it comes out about the same.

Yikes, that sounds way low to me!  I was charging US$1.75 per page as a 
proofreader for a technical magazine over six years ago (and I was fast, probably 
too fast). I've forgotten how dense the pages were, but I think if anything 
they had more text than the average book page. There were a lot of citations.

By the way, I'm in the middle of a year-long certificate program in editing 
at the University of Washington, so hope to be getting into more of this kind 
of work pretty soon. (The magazine work went away when the local publisher got 
bought out by Elsevier, and I was having a baby anyway and got sidetracked.)

Helen Schinske
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