Happy dance of joy

Dorian E. Gray israfel at eircom.net
Sat Jan 22 12:49:29 EST 2005

Melissa said...

> I was browsing the books at Wal-Mart today, killing time before picking up
> Aerin from school, and I wandered into the romance section thinking I
> find my own copy of _Boy Meets Girl_.  What I found instead is that
> Harlequin has published more Georgette Heyer reprints.  Four of them.
> _April Lady_, _A Civil Contract_, _The Toll-Gate_ and _The Unknown Ajax_.
> I did a happy dance of joy right there in the store, no doubt embarrassing
> the Jackson-Hewitt tax guy whose booth was right there.

Wheebounce!  Isn't it great when you find books you've been trying to get
hold of for ages!

On which note, for the other Heyer fans on the list...

I have spare paperback copies of "Cousin Kate", "Sprig Muslin", and "Powder
and Patch" (the former two newish and in v.good nick; the latter rather
elderly but not in too bad condition).  If anybody wants them, they can have

Email me offlist if you're interested in any or all.


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