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Sat Jan 22 00:53:07 EST 2005

On Sat, 22 Jan 2005, ROSLYN wrote:
|I once (many years ago when I still had both a brain and enough money to
|travel) attempted to speak French in Paris, and only later realised that I
|was declining (if that's the right word) a Hebrew word with a French ending!
|(or maybe it was the other way around...) At the time I couldn't work out
|why the Parisian was looking at me with such incomprehension...

Hah!  Once in my college Hebrew class, a student was asked a yes or no
question and answered "non" (instead of "lo", the Hebrew no).  He didn't
know why we all started laughing ...

-deborah, who often conjugates words ala middle english constructions,
for reasons unbeknownest (<-- look!  there's one!) to her, and has found
herself recently calling "eggs" "yren".  This must be a pompous
affection although she is not doing it on purpose, nor has she read
middle english much in years, except two years ago, when drunk and
watching a porn movie called "The Ribald Tales of Canterbury", when she
pulled out her Chaucer and managed to translate on the fly while
completely wasted on tequila in order to prove that the porn movie was
in fact an astonishingly close rendition of Chaucer -- and oddly not
of "the miller's tale" -- except for making the host a mostly naked
and voluptuous bisexual woman.  Also she appears to be writing in the
third person.  How very odd.  Perhaps doing so she will feel no need to
come up with an ObDWJ.

ObDWJ: In Which Deborah Flips Through _Tough Guide_ to Find an ObDWJ,
and Discovers that "Most Tours arrange for all inhabitants to speak the
same Language or else for most people to know the Common Tongue... Just
occasionally, when a Tourist is truly beleaguered by Magic ...  the
Tourist will find her/himself crying out strange words."

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