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Margaret Ball margaret at
Fri Jan 21 23:43:45 EST 2005

> Monolingual and bilingual brains differ, certainly, but I'm not
> sure one is stunted.

Well, let's put it this way: I am fairly sure my brain has two language 
compartments, one marked "English" and one marked "Everything Else." 
When called upon to produce a phrase from the second compartment, it is 
liable to pull out not the appropriate language for the situation, but 
whatever language was used last and is therefore lying on top of the 
heap. While this is normally no more than a nuisance, it has on occasion 
produced some *extremely* tense moments, like the time I spoke German in 
Crete. In a very small isolated mountain village. In 1966. (The Cretans 
were still pretty ticked off at the Germans at that time.)

Margaret Ball

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